Water Filter Jug

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Purify Your Water by Just Filling Your Jug!

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Product Overview:
Product name: 2.5L Net Kettle
Material: environmental protection AS
Kettle capacity: 2.5L
Product weight: 0.9kg
Filtration capacity: 1.3L
Product size: 24 * 10 * 26cm
Total water filtration: 200L
Applicable water temperature: 4-38 ° C
Applicable water source: municipal tap water
Filter material: silver-loaded activated carbon, ion exchange resin, PP melt blown fiber
Purification capacity: a reduces harmful substances such as impurities, residual chlorine, germs and scale in water
Functional characteristics: self-closing water inlet automatically switches the water outlet 5 seconds fast core change
Do not filter hot water, the water temperature should be controlled below 38 ° C
Colour box size: 26 * 11 * 27cm
Package weight: 0.92kg
Packing: colour box packaging
Packing list
The package includes: 1 * water bottle + 1 * filter core + 1 * manual
  • Material: Plastic
  • Specification/Piece: 1.8 L
  • type0: clean tools
  • type9: water
  • type8: water filter
  • type7: water bottle
  • type6: purifier water
  • type5: water purifier for home
  • type4: Portable water filter
  • type3: Kitchen activated carbon filter kettle
  • type2: Household water purifier
  • type1: Net kettle

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