Temperature and Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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Convenient wall-mounted automatic sensing liquid dispenser, intelligent temperature measuring soap liquid integrated machine, suitable for a variety of washing liquids, intelligent spraying and dripping models, the products can be used by direct current. Each of our models supports seamless installation on the wall, leaving no trace of installation and disassembly. 

Suitable for many occasions: restrooms, public toilets, schools, shopping malls, corporate washstands, etc., free from contact to resist bacteria, effective care is more assured!


1. The touch switch key turns on the automatic phone washing.

2. It is recommended to wash hands until they are wet.

3. Reach out to the sensing area to get hand sanitizer/spray.

4. It is recommended to fully rub your hands.

5. After washing with clear water, dry your hands.


Product Name: Intelligent Induction and Temperature Measurement Soap Solution Integrated Machine (Spray/Drip)

Capacity: 850ml

Material: ABS environmental protection material

Sensing distance: about 8cm, quick discharge in 0.25 seconds

Working temperature: 3℃~40℃

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Charging: usb charging

Product specification: 12.3*9.2*25.8cm

Packing size: 13*11*28cm

Colour: pearl white/grey

Drip: liquid with high consistency such as hand sanitizer can be added  

Spray: diluted liquid such as alcohol and water can be added

Package Includes:

1* temperature measuring soap machine + 1* instruction manual + 2* self-adhesive seamless paste + *1 plastic expansion screw package package + 1* USB data cable 

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