Tap Water Faucet Filter

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Get Purified Water Right Through Your Pipe!

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Tap Faucet Remove Water Contaminants

Product Features:

【Tap Water Filter For Healthy Kitchen Life】: The tap water purifier exceptionally equipped with micro-porous inorganic filter technology, a brand spanking new tech to process, with incredibly strong capacity to remove bacteria, algae, the solubility of chlorine and harmful heavy metals like lead, chromium, and so on. Proved to remove 99% of lead, and over 70 other contaminants including 96% of mercury and 92% of certain pesticides. Whether cooking, making soup, tea, or washing vegetables and fruits, face washing or bathing, etc... it is going to bring you fresh clean water everyday, and ensure you healthy life for you and your family.
【8-Layer Filtering System】: From top to the bottom: outer diatom ceramic, nano antibacterial, mineralized ball, medical stone, PP cotton, activated carbon, PP cotton and stainless filtering. Water filtered through layer to layer to get the purest clean water with high performance. One of the layers from Activated Carbon, which can reduce contaminants like sediment, chlorine, cysts, benzene, asbestos, mercury & lead can also kill bacteria and inhibits the growth of scale, lime, mold, and fungi.
【3 Converter Connectors Fit Almost All Faucets】: The 3 attached converters make this tap water filter fit almost all faucets. Suit for faucets with external thread, faucets with inner thread, 1/2 external thread faucets, however, if your faucet is not in the above three types, please don't worry, the provided universal connector is ready for you in all purposes.
【Easy To Install & Quick to Use】: Installation is very easy, tap water filter can be directly installed on the tap, quick to finish. Free switch allows you to select between filtered water or tap water.
【Long Life Span-Long Duration】: Filter can be repeatedly cleaned and used,
also can be easily replaced when it comes on to its span. Usually every 3~6 months recommended to replace to ensure best water purifying results. Water quality varies from place to place, and acts as non-ignored due to how long your filter will last. If you find water flow is too slow, clean the filter; But when it reaches to its life span or damaged, then a replacement is needed.


Item Type: Drinking Water Filter
Item Name: Tap Water Filter
Waterflow: >6L/minute
Filter Water Capacity: 10,000L
Water Pressure: 0.1-0.35Mpa
Dimension: 10.8x5.2x10.5cm
Material: Ceramics, nano-metal clusters(nanometer KDF)
Filter media, ABS plastic
Color: as shown
Warm Tip: We provide a detailed manual for quick starting and easy handling, please read manual first.

Package Included:

1 x Main body
1 x Universal connector
1 x Male connector
1 x Female connector

1 x User Manual

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