Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

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Host Your Own Karaoke Party at Home!

Call or Whatsapp (876) 435-8990 or (876) 519-7308 to Reserve Yours.

Reserve Yours Before They Are Finished. Call or Whatsapp (876) 435-8990 or (876) 519-7308

The microphone is relatively small and does not take up too much space in your bag. It is very portable.

The appearance is shiny and eye grabbing, its handle is designed reasonably, and its grip is more comfortable. The hand will not have sore feeling when used for a long time.

It can make wireless Bluetooth connections over long distances. It is very practical and convenient.

It has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for singing, playing, partying, and family entertainment.

Metal case protection and baseless lossless sound create a high-quality listening experience for you.

Ships from US to Jamaica (7-14 days) Call or Whatsapp (876) 435-8990 or order on www.megastoreja.com to reserve yours before they are finished.

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