Bicycle Engine Kit

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Convert Your Bicycle into a Motorbike!

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This 80cc petrol gas engine kit is used to upgrade the regular bike to a motorized bike. After converting your bike, you can enjoying riding at a faster speed, which can reach 38km/h. It almost runs as fast as a motorcycle or scooter, making your outdoor trip more convenient. This engine kit fits most 26" or 28" bikes with V-frame.

  • Mode of Engine: Single cylinder, air-cooling, 2-stroke

  • Bore & Stroke: 47mm & 40mm

  • Rated Power: 2.5Kw/5000r/min (3 horsepower/5000r/min)

  • Max Power: 3.5Kw/6000r/min (5-6 horsepower/6000r/min)

  • Ignition Mode: CDI

  • Model of Chain: 415

  • Chain Length: 110 links

  • Compression Ratio:6:01

  • Driving Ratio: 18:01

  • Fuel Type: No.90

  • Capacity of Tank: 2L

  • Speed Limitation: 38km/hour

  • Lubrication Oil: oil of 2-stroke petrol engine (Or oil for 10W/40.10W/30)

  • Mixing Ratio of Fuel and engine Oil:16:1 for new sets, 20: 1 after running 500km

  • Type of Sparking Plug:Z4C 14MM

  • Volume of oil Consumption:2.5L/100km

  • Type of Clutch: Friction Plate / Dry

  • Cooling Mode: Natural air cooling

  • A complete engine kit for converting your bike

  • Heavy duty metal engine body for added durability

  • Super fuel-efficient, only consuming 2.5 litre fuel per 100km

  • Fast and smooth, can speed up to 38km/h

  • Comes with all needed hardware for easy installation

  • Fit for most type 26" and 28" bikes, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, choppers.

Package included:
  • 1x Black 80cc 2-stroke engine

  • 1x Sprocket clamp assembly with hardware

  • 1x Exhaust muffler

  • 1x Push button clutch

  • 1x Heavy duty chain

  • 1x Bearing chain tensioner / idler

  • 1x Carburetor

  • 1x CD ignition coil

  • 1x Kill switch (on throttle)

  • 1x Chain guard

  • 1x Spark plug

  • 1x Black gas tank with mounting brackets

  • 1x Exhaust pipe clamp

  • 1x Plug removal tool

  • 1x Manual

  • All the needed mounting brackets, gaskets, and hardware

  • The kit includes all the parts and instructions necessary to convert your bike.

  • Please also keep in mind that the motor will use a mix of gasoline and oil. The oil is used as a lubricant. Without it,  the performance and longevity of the motor will be reduced. Please refer to the manual for further information  including   gasoline/oil ratios.

  • If you have any questions, please contact us for technical solutions.

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